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Taking a Grassroots Approach to Healing Trauma

In addition to the individual, group and family services we provide, Wyandot BHN also oversees a program dedicated to building a trauma-informed and resilient community. Called Alive & Thrive, the program works to raise awareness about trauma and what communities can do to help heal from it. Their work is critical, especially in Wyandotte County, where poverty, systemic racism, and relatively high rates of crime expose many people, especially children, to chronic stress—a key contributor to the county’s poor health and behavioral health outcomes.

Respecting the Black Experience During Black History Month

Each February, we celebrate Black History Month. It is a time to deepen our understanding of not only the contributions of the Black community, but also of the Black experience.

Taking Care of Yourself (and Others) in 2023

Earlier this month, I was listening to post-game interviews on the radio while on my way home from a KU basketball game. As the interviews were wrapping up, one of KU’s young guards, Joseph Yesufu, was asked about his new year’s resolution for 2023. And what he said struck me. He said he was going to do one thing every day for someone else.

The idea of doing something kind for someone else – even if you don’t do it every day – is something we should all consider, especially if you are looking for ways to improve your mental health in 2023.

Inclement Weather Service Update - Thursday, December 22nd

Due to the forecast for Thursday, December 22nd, Wyandot BHN will delay opening outpatient and administrative offices until noon. Morning appointments for psychiatry, therapy, case management, etc. will be moved to telehealth. RSI and all 24/7 services will remain open. Crisis services for children and adults will also be available.

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call (913) 328-4600. If you need immediate help, call our 24/7 Crisis Line: 913-788-4200.  

Putting a Greater Emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Wyandot BHN has long held Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as a priority. However, for far too long, our commitment to DEI has not been documented in a formal, public manner. As we begin our 70th anniversary celebration and continue to put a greater emphasis on diversity and cultural competency, we are pleased to share our new DEI statement. 

What Does it Mean to be Grounded in Community?

Wyandot Behavioral Health Network has been fortunate to be able to serve the Wyandotte County community for seven decades. And as 2022 draws to a close, we are launching a year of celebrations – commemorating 70 years of service to the community.

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

The Unified Government Public Health Department is taking an important new step in their efforts to address health disparities in Wyandotte County: by declaring racism as a public health crisis. If approved, the Unified Government would join more than 250 other cities, counties and government entities, including Kansas City, Missouri, in making similar declarations.

Continuing Conversations Around Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Month may be behind us, but the conversation can’t stop when September ends. A new public perception poll shows that while most adults would try to help if someone close to them was thinking about suicide, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed believe they aren’t equipped to talk about suicide with someone who is struggling.

Wyandot BHN Hosts Staff Appreciation Event

Nearly 200 Wyandot BHN staff and board members gathered in the Shield Club at Children’s Mercy Park on September 8 for an evening of recognition and celebration. The event marked the end of an exciting year for Wyandot BHN, during which WBHN achieved designation as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC).

The Importance of Hope During Suicide Prevention Month

Late last month, the suicide death of a young Wisconsin news anchor made headlines. Neena Pacholke was just 27 years old. Tragically, suicide continues to claim too many lives.

In Kansas, someone dies by suicide every 16 hours, according to Kansas Suicide Prevention Headquarters (KSPHQ). Suicide was the 9th leading cause of death in Kansas in 2019.

Wyandot BHN Withdraws from Downtown Education, Health & Wellness Campus Campaign

For the past couple of years, Wyandot Behavioral Health Network has been an active partner along with Kansas City Kansas Community College, Swope Health, CommunityAmerica Credit Union and the YMCA to build a new education, health and wellness campus in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. The goal is to establish a self-sustaining economic solution for downtown Kansas City, Kansas, to help end the social and economic inequities that have prevailed in this area for decades.

Wyandot BHN recently made the difficult decision to withdraw from this effort and pursue other options for establishing a service location in eastern Wyandotte County.

Commitment to Diversity Must Begin at the Top

Creating a team that can provide compassionate, culturally competent care requires that diverse voices and perspectives be present at all levels. When diverse voices have a seat at the table, their lived experiences and knowledge put an organization in a much better position to stay in tune with the needs of the community.