Wyandot Behavioral Health Network Celebrates 70th Anniversary

April 6, 2023

Wyandot Behavioral Health Network (BHN), a nonprofit providing comprehensive behavioral health and housing services to children, adults and families in Wyandotte County, is celebrating 70 years of service to the community on Thursday, April 6.

Incorporated on April 6, 1953, as the Wyandotte County Child Guidance Center, today the Wyandot BHN family of organizations has grown to include youth and adult behavioral health and substance use treatment, as well as housing and crisis stabilization services. In 1966 Wyandot BHN was recognized for its strong impact on Wyandotte County and was named as the county’s designated community mental health center. Today, Wyandot BHN is serving more than 7,500 children, adults and families with quality behavioral health and housing services each year.

Our 70th anniversary year theme, “Grounded in Community,” is a celebration of what it means to be a community mental health center. For Wyandot BHN this means creating a strong network of valued community partners, like school districts, law enforcement and the judicial system. In addition, Wyandot BHN seeks to provide community-based services, meeting clients where they are – in their home, at school or in other familiar community settings.

Wyandot BHN is committed to continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of Wyandotte County, including enhanced services and support for individuals experiencing homelessness. Wyandot BHN is working closely with its Board of Directors, community partners and the larger community to expand services to better serve Wyandotte County residents.

“I am proud of the work Wyandot BHN has done over the past 70 years, but we are just getting started,” says Randy Callstrom, Wyandot BHN President & CEO. “The people of Wyandotte County deserve to be able to access quality behavioral health treatment in a comfortable environment close to home. We are continuing to seek out new and innovative ways to do that.”

In celebration of 70 years of service, Wyandot BHN is launching its “70 for 70” campaign. To make a gift of $70 in honor of Wyandot BHN’s 70th anniversary, please click here.