Alive & Thrive Says Goodbye (for now)

July 13, 2023

After four years of addressing individual and community trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and helping to promote resiliency in Wyandotte County, Alive & Thrive is saying goodbye – for now. At this time, funding for Alive & Thrive cannot be sustained.

Over the last four years, Alive & Thrive has used a grassroots approach to building a trauma-informed community, reaching out to neighborhood faith communities, immigrant communities, churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, health providers and others to engage them in a discussion about what they could do to help the members of their communities build resilience and heal from trauma. Alive & Thrive also designed its own trauma-informed care training available to area agencies, one that was tailored to Wyandotte County’s needs. The program also recruited, trained, and supported dozens of “champions” who created their own projects to address the trauma in their communities.

The work of Alive & Thrive has helped the Wyandotte County community begin to talk about and heal from the trauma they’ve experienced.

As the program winds down, we are going to take this time to reset & reimagine. Wyandot BHN remains committed to the work that Alive & Thrive has spearheaded for the last four years. We will continue to take steps to address trauma at both the individual and community level and promote healing and resiliency.

I want to thank the Alive & Thrive team, as well as everyone who has come alongside them, for their dedication to this cause over the past four years. While the program may be winding down, the impact will remain.