Mission & Values

Our Mission 

Helping people with mental health needs thrive. 

Our Vision 

Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives. Thriving Community. 

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Wyandot Behavioral Health Network is committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that is reflective of the community we serve – where the values, perspectives and contributions of all people are recognized and supported. We believe every employee and representative of Wyandot BHN, from our Board of Directors to our front-line staff, has a role to play in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Understanding that fostering an inclusive environment is how WBHN will ultimately achieve its greatest success, our diverse workforce allows us to meet the mental wellbeing and housing needs of a diverse community and advance health equity throughout Wyandotte County.

Our Values

  • Stewardship: We display good judgment when making decisions and are dependable and resourceful.
  • Positivity: We approach our work with enthusiasm and commitment to mission. 
  • Inclusion: We make a conscious effort to ensure that diverse voices are present in the rooms where decisions are made in order to provide quality care that respects each person’s individual experience. 
  • Compassion: We treat each person with empathy, dignity and respect. 
  • Excellence: We provide quality, outcome-driven services that exceed expectations. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to be culturally competent, client-centered, and trauma-informed, we have developed a person-centered philosophy that applies throughout our family of organizations. This philosophy supports our mission and helps inform our clients of the kind of service that they can expect when they visit any of our locations. 

Our Person-Centered Philosophy

At Wyandot Behavioral Health Network: 

  • I am treated with kindness and respect. 

  • I am valued as an individual.

  • I have options and choices in my treatment.

  • My goals are acknowledged and supported.

  • My strengths are important to my treatment.

  • I am surrounded by people who believe in me.

  En Wyandot Behavioral Health Network:

  • Me tratan con amabilidad y respeto.

  • Soy valorado como individuo.

  • Tengo opciones y elecciones en mi tratamiento

  • Mis metas son reconocidas y apoyadas.

  • Mis fortalezas son importantes para mi tratamiento

  • Estoy rodeado de personas que creen en mi.