Wyandot BHN Warriors: Jaliah

May 21, 2020

Meet Jaliah.

Jaliah is an attendant care provider and peer support specialist at PACES. As Kansas Citians deal with the impact of COVID-19, Jaliah is supporting young people in our community by helping them prioritize their self-care and mental health. She’s also supporting local students who are finishing school online. She’s offering reassurance and motivation to help them finish the year strong, despite the unusual circumstances.

One reason Jaliah loves her job is because it allows her to help youth who are dealing with some of the same things she struggled with at their age. Jaliah was born and raised in Wyandotte County, so she feels like she can really relate to the young people she serves.

Thank you, Jaliah and PACES! #WyandotBHNWarriors #mentalhealthmonth #PACES

As always, Wyandot BHN (and Jaliah) are here for you.