Commitment to Diversity Must Begin at the Top

August 18, 2022

Creating a team that can provide compassionate, culturally competent care requires that diverse voices and perspectives be present at all levels. When diverse voices have a seat at the table, their lived experiences and knowledge put an organization in a much better position to stay in tune with the needs of the community.

At Wyandot BHN, we put an emphasis on recruiting and retaining leadership, staff and board members who reflect the community we serve. While we are far from perfect and have a way to go, it is always top of mind. Currently, 51 percent of our staff are White, 34 percent are Black or African American and 9 percent are Hispanic or Latinx.

An organizational commitment to diversity has to start at the top with our organizational leaders & Board of Directors. We believe that creating an environment centered on diversity, equity and inclusion is key in providing a space that allows for healing and growth. Our management team is continuing to welcome more diverse voices to the table. Currently 56 percent of our managers are White, 31 percent are Black or African American, 5 percent are Hispanic or Latinx and 5 percent are Asian.

Our commitment to diversity also extends to our Board of Directors for each of our five organizations. Across all of our Boards, 56 percent of our members are White, 28 percent are Black or African American and 16 percent are Hispanic or Latinx.

As we continue our efforts to diversify our board, I am pleased to announce our new Board chairs. Rosemary Podrebarac will serve as the new chairperson of the Wyandot BHN Board of Directors, in addition to serving as the chairperson of the Kim Wilson Housing board. Carolyn Sandifer has been elected chairperson of the Wyandot Center board. Paul Victor and Fred Zang will remain as the chairs of the PACES and RSI boards, respectively.

We recognize the importance of having a Board of Directors and staff who reflect the diversity of the Wyandotte County community. Bringing those diverse voices to the table will be a point of emphasis for Wyandot BHN as we continue to build for the future.