Caring for Yourself & Children After the Super Bowl Rally Shootings

February 15, 2024

What was meant to be a celebratory day in Kansas City ended with shots being fired at the Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Rally. Many families across the Kansas City area have been impacted by this traumatic event, whether they were in attendance for the parade and rally or not. It is important to note that every person experiences and processes trauma differently. In the aftermath of traumatic events such as what transpired at the Super Bowl Rally, it is important to take care of yourself. For parents and other trusted adults, you may be helping young people navigate this tragedy as well. 

Below you will find two free printable resources for your use. One focuses on how trauma can manifest in adults and steps you can take to help you process what happened and move forward. The other printable shares information on common reactions to trauma among children and teens, along with ways you can offer support.