Wyandot BHN Warriors: Vicki

May 14, 2020

Meet Vicki.

Vicki is part of the PACES team, where she serves as the Parent and Community Educator. During the global crisis, Vicki is holding parenting education classes, where she has added new topics to address challenges that families are facing during the pandemic. She’s also helping families find needed resources during this challenging time.

One thing Vicki loves about her job is knowing that she’s changing the life of a family in some way. She knows that when a family comes into her office and a parent asks to take a parent education class, that parent is showing up for their child.

Thank you, Vicki and PACES! #WyandotBHNWarriors #mentalhealthmonth #PACES

As always, Wyandot BHN (and Vicki) are here for you.